How to Write a Book Proposal that Publishers Will Love

I’m very pleased to introduce Laura Brown back to the show. Laura was my very first guest on the podcast two years ago. She had just published her encyclopaedic book on writing,How to Write Anything. You can listen to that first conversation over at (Please be kind when listening, that was my first episode after all!)

Two years after that first foray into the world of podcasting, Laura has returned to the show to share some good news: she just sold her second book about writing to her publisher, W.W. Norton.

I asked her to share everything she knows about how to write a book proposal that will make a publisher want to buy your book. While we talk a lot about how to sell your book to a traditional publisher, the practical tips she shares are useful for anyone planning to self-publish their book.

How to contact Laura

Laura Brown invites you to contact her through her website:

Buy her book

How To Write Anything: A Complete Guide

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Grounded in a common-sense approach, friendly and supportive, How to Write Anything is Internet-savvy, with advice throughout about choosing the most appropriate medium for your message: e-mail or pen and paper. At once a how-to, a reference book, and a pioneering guide for writing in a changing world, this is the only writing resource you’ll ever need.

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