Sean McCabe Explains How He Grows His Business with Writing

Sean McCabe is a hand lettering artist, writer, podcaster, musician, and successful entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people around the world to discover what they are truly passionate about.

Through his popular seanwes podcast, daily Youtube show, hand lettering courses, and online community, Sean provides practical advice for creative professionals and digital entrepreneurs seeking to turn their passion into sources of additional income and even stand-alone businesses.

In our conversation, Sean explains how writing has completely transformed his business and how today, writing is the source of all forms of content that he produces.

Each year, Sean writes about a million words a year, words that become blog posts, podcast outlines and show notes, online course transcripts, Youtube episodes, book chapters, email newsletters, and more.

He shares some of the techniques he uses for getting into a daily writing habit and for getting words down on the page quickly that you can then edit later.

He also talks about what I believe is one of the most fascinating and radical experiments in work-life balance I’ve ever heard of: week-long sabbaticals that he and his team take every 7 weeks to pursue what he calls “secondary passions.”

There’s a lot packed into this episode and I recommend you listen through to the end, when talks about a brand-new online writing workshop he’s preparing to launch soon: Supercharge Your Writing.

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  1. Pam Desgrosellier

    Being a seanwes Community member, I just have to say, “Thank you Glenn Leibowitz”.
    That was a great interview, and a great guest! I’m so glad to hear the man behind the name…
    You have a new fan, & I’ll look forward to meeting you at “SeanCon”!!

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