Robin Rice Shows You How to Discover (and Express) Your Writing Voice

Robin Rice has been an online teacher for more than a decade. She’s an internationally published author of both fiction and non-fiction. And she has created social change projects that have been covered by media around the world. She’s also a professional thinking partner to leaders.

In my conversation with Robin, we talk about how you can find your writing voice, a challenge that I had a few years ago when I just started to blog, and a challenge I see many others have as well.

What does it take to break-through the fears and mental blocks holding you back from sharing your writing with the world?  And what should you even write about?

These and many other questions Robin addresses and helps you tackle in a new writing program she’s launching on Monday, May 1st. She calls it “Speaking Your Sage; Writing Your Wise.” It’s 28 days of writing and speaking practice and mentoring.

Each day, you’ll get a short mentoring video, a writing prompt that is paired with a professional photograph, and a range of opportunities to explore and practice speaking your truth around the subject of the day.

You can share your work —or not —on her website, socially on Instagram or Facebook with a designated hashtag, on your own website or blog, or just privately with a friend.

While live facilitation is limited to May 1st through the 28th, this course can be enjoyed at your own pace. So while you may be listening to this podcast conversation long after the live facilitation is over, you can still sign-up for it and benefit from it.

You can find the course on her website at
I’m sharing this with you because I know Robin is an excellent writer and teacher, and is someone who can help you discover your writing voice and guide you toward expressing it. I do not receive a commission or other compensation for saying all this, or for bringing her on my podcast.

Head over to Robin’s website,, where you can find information about the course.