How James Crabtree Wrote a Critically Acclaimed Book

In this episode I chat with James Crabtree, a journalist and author of the new book, The Billionaire Raj: A Journey Through India’s New Gilded Age. The Billionaire Raj charts the emergence of the new billionaire class behind India’s rapid economic rise. In this eloquently written page-turner, James combines on-the-ground reporting, rigorous economic research, and vivid storytelling as… Continue reading

How to Research and Write a Non-Fiction Book that Readers Will Love

I’m pleased to share a conversation I had recently with Dr. Simon Targett, the co-author with John Butman of the new book, New World, Inc.: The Making of America by England’s Merchant Adventurers. Dr. Targett holds a PhD in History from the University of Cambridge. He was a journalist and editor with the Financial Times… Continue reading

How to Write a Page-Turning Memoir That Agents and Publishers Will Love

Today I’m pleased to share a conversation I had recently with Syd Goldsmith. Syd is the author of the new book, Hong Kong on the Brink: An American Diplomat Relives 1967’s Darkest Days, published by Blacksmith Books. In 1967, Syd was stationed in the American Consulate General in Hong Kong, still a British colony at… Continue reading

British Airways Pilot Mark Vanhoenacker Teaches You How to Land a Plane

I had the great pleasure to chat once again with Mark Vanhoenacker. Mark is a Senior First Officer for British Airways. He flies the Boeing 747 to major cities around the world. When he’s not hurtling through the air 35,000 feet above the earth, Mark writes for The New York Times, the Financial Times, Wired,… Continue reading

Robin Rice Shows You How to Discover (and Express) Your Writing Voice

Robin Rice has been an online teacher for more than a decade. She’s an internationally published author of both fiction and non-fiction. And she has created social change projects that have been covered by media around the world. She’s also a professional thinking partner to leaders. In my conversation with Robin, we talk about how… Continue reading

How to Write a Book Proposal that Publishers Will Love

I’m very pleased to introduce Laura Brown back to the show. Laura was my very first guest on the podcast two years ago. She had just published her encyclopaedic book on writing,How to Write Anything. You can listen to that first conversation over at (Please be kind when listening, that was my first episode… Continue reading