Neil Patel’s Top Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts

Neil Patel is a legend in the digital marketing space. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded companies like Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He also helps major companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he’s… Continue reading

Chris Fox Shows You How to Write a Bestselling Novel in 21 Days

I’ve invited Chris Fox back on the show again. Chris is a novelist who has published several thriller novels. He’s also published several writing craft books, including the bestselling 5,000 Words Per Hour, and Write to Market. In 5,000 Words Per Hour, which I discussed with him back in episode 29, Chris explained the exact… Continue reading

Aaron Dowd’s 5 Tips for Growing an Audience and Making Money with Podcasting

Today I’ve got a really special guest on the show. Aaron Dowd is a podcasting expert who has been editing podcasts for over 5 years now.  He edits all of the podcasts for the very popular Seanwes podcast, as well as several other shows in the Seanwes podcast network. Last year, he launched his own… Continue reading

Rainmaker Digital CEO Brian Clark: How Writers Can Turn Their Content into Products that Sell

Brian Clark is a legendary figure in the content marketing space. He’s the founder of Copyblogger, the world’s most widely followed website on all things content marketing. He’s also the CEO of Rainmaker Digital, the company he formed through the merger of several successful companies he had built over the years. Their Rainmaker Platform is an… Continue reading

Pamela Wilson Shows You How to Go From Blogger to Book Author

Pamela Wilson is Executive Vice President of Educational Content at Rainmaker Digital. There she manages, among other things, Copyblogger, one of the most widely followed websites on content marketing in the world. While she’s written a lot of blog posts, she has yet to publish a book. But she’s setting out to change that with… Continue reading

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong’s 5-Step Process for Writing Great Blog Posts

My guest today is Jennifer Keishin Armstrong. Jennifer is a pop culture writer who writes for BBC Culture, The New York Times Book Review, Fast Company and many more publications. She’s also the author of four books, her latest being about Seinfeld, the wildly popular TV show that became a cultural phenomenon in the US…. Continue reading

What Dungeons & Dragons Can Teach You About the Art of Storytelling

Today I’m talking once again to Chris Fox. Chris was on episode 42 of this podcast when we talked about his new book which he had just published, “Write to Market“. He also discussed his 21-day writing challenge in which he wrote and published “Destroyer“, his first science fiction title, which has gone on to… Continue reading