Monica Leonelle Shows You How to Triple Your Writing Speed

Monica is a novelist who writes across several different genres, including romance, young adult, and science fiction.

In this episode of Write With Impact, Monica shares the process she developed that enables her to write more than 3,500 words per hour. She covers the exact framework that she explains in her new book, “Write Better, Faster: How To Triple Your Writing Speed and Write More Every Day.”

It’s a fascinating conversation, and I’m sure you’ll get a ton of valuable strategies and tips on how to substantially boost your own writing speed.

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10 Comments Monica Leonelle Shows You How to Triple Your Writing Speed

  1. Joel Louis

    Glenn, that was a fantastic interview with some great questions, as Monica stated at the very end there. I struggle so much with writing and I know it’s something I need to push through if I’m ever going to improve at it. The step by step breakdown that Monica writes about in her book made some much sense to me. I typically try to go from outline straight to writing and always get STUCK! so frustrating. I can’t wait to get Monica’s book…

    Quick question… Does she mention, or do you know, what software does she use for writing? Does she use Scrivener? Thanks

    1. Monica Leonelle

      Hi Joel, I do use Scrivener! However, I often just draft in Evernote since it syncs across all devices… sometimes this is easier when I want to sneak in 300 words here and there. I like to write on my phone or my iPad right before bed, so it’s nice to have the most up-to-date version.

  2. gilles

    I purchased the book after listening to this interview and I confirm that it’s super useful. Although I’m nowhere near 4000 words an hour, I do see a tangible improvement. Pomodoros, in particular, have worked very well for me, as I’m the kind of person who gets easily distracted. Monica, thanks for sharing your wisdom, and Glenn, great pick!

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