Joshua Spodek’s Strategy for Developing a Daily Writing Habit

Professor Joshua Spodek is an Adjunct Professor of leadership at New York University.  He’s also a leadership expert and executive coach, an astrophysicist who built a satellite for NASA, an inventor with several patents to his name, and an entrepreneur.

Professor Spodek is also a prolific writer and blogger, and he was recently named by as a Top Writer in three categories: leadership, inspiration, and self improvement.

He’s pulled together what he knows and teaches about becoming an exceptional leader into a new book, Leadership Step by Step: Become the Person Others Follow.

In my conversation with Professor Spodek, he talks about some of the writing exercises that form the basis of his approach to cultivating effective leadership skills.

He also shares how he started a daily blogging habit six years ago. Since starting his blog back in January of 2011, he’s published over 2,400 posts, and he’s never gone a day without publishing an article.

He describes the strategy he developed to cultivate habits like his daily blogging routine.

And he relates the story of how he once wrote 100 gratitude emails, and what he learned from the process.


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  1. Joshua Spodek

    Thank you for a wonderful interview that got me to share some things about writing that have become very important to me.

    Did you realize when you posted that it was the last day of my sixth year of posting nonstop, to the day?

    Tremendous coincidence!

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