Chris Fox Shows You How to Write a Bestselling Novel in 21 Days

I’ve invited Chris Fox back on the show again. Chris is a novelist who has published several thriller novels. He’s also published several writing craft books, including the bestselling 5,000 Words Per Hour, and Write to Market.

In 5,000 Words Per Hour, which I discussed with him back in episode 29, Chris explained the exact process he developed for writing incredibly fast. And in Write to Market, which we discussed on episode 42, he explained how he researches categories on Amazon to identify potential markets for his books.

Back in February, Chris decided to write a novel using the methodologies he laid out in both of these books. He called it the 21-Day Novel Writing Challenge. That’s right: He decided to write, edit, and publish to Amazon a complete novel. And he documented the entire process by producing and uploading a video to Youtube every day.

The book—Destroyer—went on to sell more than 5,000 copies in the first month after publication, and then another 5,000 copies since then.  It quickly rose to become a bestseller in the military science fiction category on Amazon, and has held steady across that and several other categories. It has 240 reviews on Amazon, most of which are either five or four stars.

Since publishing Destroyer, Chris has gone on to publish the sequel, Void Wraith, and most recently, Eradication, the third book in the trilogy.

In this episode, Chris explains, for the first time since completing the challenge, how he accomplished such an extraordinary feat. If you’re writing a novel, or you’re planning to write one, perhaps in November during National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, you won’t want to miss Chris’s story.



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Destroyer (The Void Wraith Trilogy Book 1)

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