Rainmaker Digital CEO Brian Clark: How Writers Can Turn Their Content into Products that Sell

Brian Clark is a legendary figure in the content marketing space. He’s the founder of Copyblogger, the world’s most widely followed website on all things content marketing.

He’s also the CEO of Rainmaker Digital, the company he formed through the merger of several successful companies he had built over the years.

Their Rainmaker Platform is an integrated content management system that digital entrepreneurs can use to build their businesses without having to worry about getting their hands dirty with code and other technical aspects of building and maintaining a website.

Brian also hosts Unemployable, a podcast where he interviews freelancers and digital entrepreneurs who share their stories and strategies for building profitable businesses while doing what they love.

And most recently, Brian launched a personal development newsletter called Further, in which he curates articles and other content from around the Web on personal development topics.

In our conversation, Brian shares the story of how he quit a lucrative but unsatisfying career in law to strike out on his own as an entrepreneur, first serving the real estate industry, and later setting up Copyblogger, and eventually Rainmaker Digital, which today is a $12 million business that helps content creators and digital marketers around the world.

Brian also shares insights from his experience as a successful entrepreneur, and has advice for writers and other content creators:

  • Why writers have an advantage because they can turn their work into intellectual property that they can then sell.
  • Why entrepreneurs should learn about the craft of copywriting so they can better understand how to communicate with their customers — and why they should still hire experienced writers like us to help them create great content.
  • Why podcasting is just beginning; why it’s an effective and low-cost way to build your audience; and why now is the best time to start.
  • and much more…

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2 Comments Rainmaker Digital CEO Brian Clark: How Writers Can Turn Their Content into Products that Sell

  1. Gisela Hausmann

    Great show, Glenn and Aaron. That was a very interesting show.
    I too have noticed that everybody is on FB all day long, which is why I found it remarkable how clever you used this to your advantage, Aaron.

    Also, Aaron: I loooved how you spoke of books. They are indeed a special way to communicate a (your) message. In a way, p-books never changed (in 500 years), only printing and binding machines improved.
    While the horse carriage has been replaced with cars, trains and planes, and fireplaces with heating units, kings and queens with governments, p-books are still what they used to be.
    Thanks for the show.

  2. Dave Parmer

    Hey Glenn,

    Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Chock-full of interesting and useful information.
    Thanks for posting.

    Dave Parmer/Tokyo

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