Aaron Dowd’s 5 Tips for Growing an Audience and Making Money with Podcasting

Today I’ve got a really special guest on the show. Aaron Dowd is a podcasting expert who has been editing podcasts for over 5 years now.  He edits all of the podcasts for the very popular Seanwes podcast, as well as several other shows in the Seanwes podcast network.

Last year, he launched his own podcast called The Podcast Dude, where he shares everything he knows about podcasting. I’m a fan of his podcast and I’ve watched over the past year how Aaron has grown his audience and his reputation as an expert podcaster through his podcast. It’s an excellent example of how, through high quality content and excellent production values, you can pretty rapidly build your reputation as an authority in your field.

Of course, as a podcaster myself, podcasting is a topic I enjoy reading about, and, occasionally, I like to write about it. And I thought, given how much is changing–and changing fast–in this emerging industry, it’s worth a conversation on the topic. And who better to talk about podcasting than The Podcast Dude himself, Aaron Dowd.

In addition to sharing 5 things he’s learned about growing an audience and making money with podcasting, Aaron shares a bunch of other tips and insights that I managed to squeeze out of him during our chat.


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